Sermon Series

Beginning with our launch service on August 6, 2017, Rosena Church will engage in a sermon series titled "The Bible: From Beginning to End" in which we will examine the Bible as a whole over 52 weeks. Naturally, it is impossible to cover everything, however, here are the highlights and a rough draft of the preaching schedule:

Date Church Reading Title
6-Aug Genesis 1 Creator and Creation
13-Aug Genesis 2 God created man in His own image
20-Aug Genesis 3 The Fall
27-Aug Genesis 4-11 Noah and Babel
3-Sep Genesis 12-15 Abraham and Covenant
10-Sep Genesis 18-22 Isaac - Birth and Test
17-Sep Genesis 35-46 Jacob and Joseph
24-Sep Exodus 1-15 Moses
1-Oct Exodus 16-20 The Law
8-Oct Joshua Joshua - Conquest
15-Oct Judges Judges
22-Oct   David
29-Oct   Solomon and 2 Kingdoms, Ahab & Elijah
5-Nov   Kings/Prophets - Josiah's Reform
12-Nov Daniel Captivity - Daniel
19-Nov Ezra/Nehemiah Return - Nehemiah/Ezra
23-Nov   Thanksgiving
26-Nov Isaiah A Future Hope - Isaiah
3-Dec   The Fullness of Time
10-Dec   Mary and Joseph
17-Dec   Bethlehem
24-Dec   Shepherds
31-Dec   Worship and Fear - Wise Men and Herod
7-Jan   John and the Baptism
14-Jan   Temptation
21-Jan   The Disciples
28-Jan Matthew 5-11 Beatitudes
4-Feb   Healing, Exorcisms and Crowds
11-Feb   The Sower
18-Feb   Feeding 5,000
25-Feb   Calming the Sea and Walking on Water
4-Mar   Forgiving Sin and the Work of God is to Believe
11-Mar   Prodigal Son
18-Mar   His Glory - Transfiguration and Lazarus
25-Mar   Triumphal Entry & Cleansing the Temple
30-Mar   Good Friday
1-Apr   He is Risen!
8-Apr Matthew 28 The Commission
15-Apr Acts 2 Pentecost
22-Apr Acts 2 The New Church
29-Apr   Treats and Boldness
6-May Acts 5 Threat from Within - Ananias and Sapphira
13-May   Servants Stephen and Phillip
20-May   Saul to Paul
27-May Acts 10-11 Cornelius
3-Jun   Antioch and Mission to the Nations
10-Jun Acts 15 Jerusalem Decision
17-Jun   Corinth, Ephesus, and Rome
24-Jun   Chained and Unchained
1-Jul   Paul's Teaching
8-Jul   Peter's Teaching
15-Jul   Hebrews or James
22-Jul   7 Churches of Asia
29-Jul   Vision of Heaven

 This schedule is tentative and is subject to change. We hope to see you on Sunday!